Dutch Immersion Resources

Here is a list of Dutch TV shows, podcasts, radio programs, and websites that I find useful for Dutch immersion. I will continue updating this list as I come across more resources.

TV Shows

  • Het Klokhuis


    Children’s educational programming that covers a wide variety of topics. An excellent vocabulary building and listening resource. Some episodes occasionally have small skits. Subtitles are often available.

  • NOS Jeugdjournaal


    Children’s news program produced by NOS. Covers current news events in clear, simple language. I always find the subjects interesting. Subtitles are not always available.

  • Wie is de Mol


    Dutch reality TV show where contestants solve puzzles and try to figure out who in the group is the “mol”. What is the “mol” exactly? You’ll have to watch in Dutch to find out! Subtitles are available.

  • Zondag met Lubach


    Entertaining Dutch satire show. The host is a bit of a fast talker, but you can slow the video down if you need to (I need to). Subtitles are usually available.

  • Studio Snugger


    Really fun kids TV show where the audience tries to guess if something is true or “kletspraat”. Subtitles are sometimes available.

Podcasts / Radio

  • Vijf Minuten Nederlands


    A weekly podcast produced by a university language teacher based out of Leiden. As the name suggests, every episode is around 5 minutes long and the host talks day-to-day life in the Netherlands. Transcripts are available, but in order to get them, you must listen very carefully to the instructions in Dutch!

  • Zeg het in het Nederlands


    An interesting podcast that covers a wide variety of topics. The narrator speaks very clearly and slowly but not so slow that the language is unnatural. I don’t think the podcast is still being produced, but all of the episodes are still on Soundcloud. Transcripts are available for sale but the language is so clear that I’ve honestly never needed one.

  • Focus Wetenschap


    Dutch science podcast. Covers really interesting and technical topics for the layman. No transcripts available that I know of.

  • NPO Radio Één


    Dutch public radio.


  • weerplaza.nl


    Yes, weather. “regen”, “bui”, and “nevelig” are among some very important Dutch words that you will discover on weerplaza.nl, but you’ll learn a whole lot more than that: the site has a treasure trove of high quality videos that all have subtitles.

  • vi.nl


    Highlights and news from European football leagues with an emphasis on Dutch coverage.

  • Metro Nieuws


    Dutch news website.

Dutch Language Learning Websites